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CHI - ORGONE Therapy

Every cell in our body vibrates and has it’s optimal unique frequency.

We all have measurable frequencies on various levels in our body right down to the cellular level.

Researches have clearly found that there is a differences in frequency in healthy body’s comparison to ill ones.

When having the correct frequency on every level for every cell the way we are designed to, we are in tune.

And as everything has a frequency, in my experience, what we consume and who we let in to our lives is crucial in order to take control of our health.



CHI - Orgone Originally discovered by Wilhelm Reich. Reich, born in Dobzau, Austria-Hungary in 1897, was a trained doctor specializing in psychoanalysis.

Wilhelm Reich hypothesized that there must be a cosmic, primordian force. The power that he called orgone must be present in every organism - in animals, plants, the earth, space - as well as in humans.

In 1939, Wilhelm Reich received a teaching position from the New School for Social Research in New York and

immigrated to the USA, where he began his research on the bion thesis - biological orgone energy. During this research he developed the so-called orgone accumulator, which was supposed to compress life-giving energy. With this orgone accumulator, Reich treated people and the environment equally. In the course of his work he discovered the counterpart to the orgone called DOR. This is also called "Deadly Orgon". In his view, a lack of orgone is a DOR state and therefore a concentration of pathogenic energies. On the basis of water and a tube system, Wilhelm Reich finally developed the Cloudbouster, which, according to Reich, should also be able to generate rain in the atmosphere.

In 1955, any use of cloud bousters was prohibited by a court order. All of Reich’s research work in word and execution should be destroyed. On November 3, 1957, Wilhelm Reich died during his arrest. The achievements of Reich over 60 years after his death are more important than ever for keeping people and the environment healthy.

Vibration Potentiometer
orgone emitter
Orgone Ermitter
Film application
Film application
running suits
Running Suits

How can we use Orgone

More and more people are using orgone energy. The orgone emitter can be used in a variety of ways and is increasingly being used in alternative therapy methods - for example when working with Bach flowers, chakras, meridians, in acupuncture or gem therapy. 


With Orgone we can help plants, animals and humans. We can energising water and food.

The orgone emitter can also transfer information about the Bach flower essences to itself or other carriers.

Vibration Potentiometer

The vibration potentiometer is the ideal device for everyone who wants to handle subtle vibrations quickly and easily.

With over 13500 frequencies the Vibration Potentiometer can help you in all areas of health and well being. Physical, mentally and emotional.

In my many years of woking with the Vibration Potentiometer and Orgone Ermitter, I have helped people with phobias, anxiety, depressions,  addictions, insomnia, prostate, bladder, allergies, focus, clarity, concentration, self confidence, energy and much much more!

For any questions or to make  a booking contact us.
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