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House clearing

Most people are unaware of the presence of non-physical energies and beings that can actively interfere  not only with your energy and emotions but also with the atmosphere of the places we live in such as a house or room or on our property.


Because we can’t see them and we are not always able to understand other forms of life, doesn’t mean they are not existing.

Dark forces and Spirits not only attach to people, they find doorways between locations or dimensions called PORTAL. When theses Portals are in your living space and remain open, any being will be able to enter. 


Over the last six years I have cleared many properties and performed clearing on hundreds of people. It is very common that we find attachments or entities on or around us. At times when we are vulnerable we can easy catch them.

What can we expect after a Spiritual Clearing:

  • Negative attachments or entities are removed

  • Trapped, old emotions are released from your body

  • The atmosphere in your environment changes

  • You experience a nice energy in your home

  • Everything feels more balanced and relaxed

  • Negative blocking's are pulled out

  • Stress is lifted

  • Your mind has quieten,you are able to focus better and feel clearer

  • You feel more at ease and relaxed

  • Your sleep has improved

  • Your immune function improves

  • It restores wellness and well-being

  • You are more grounded

  • Your quality of Life will improve

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Dearne M.

I recently had Andrea over to my house to do a cleansing/clearing. She was very friendly and professional. She did an amazing job and the whole atmosphere in my house is now so much lighter and cosier. Highly recommend Andrea.

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