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Interference Clearing

Have you ever had a feeling of not being yourself, depressed, anxious, sad, miserable or scared? How about your sleeping? Are you having trouble sleeping, even a feeling there is something that keeps you awake? What about nightmares or mind chatter. Do you experience negative self talk, headaches, unmanageable fear, physical or mental issues? All this could be a reason for an attachment or Entity with you or around you.

There are different levels of existence on this planet. Many energies and forces we can not see, including energies we refer to as ‘beings’ who are not of love and light (dark/hostile forces).

They are on this planet to disempower people by feeding on our life force energy, and implanting negative thought & emotions. When we are vulnerable, and our energy fields are weakened our chances of attracting’ Attachments/entities’ are high.


Once inside our energy field, they feed on our trauma, fear, anxiety, sadness and anger.

Often resulting in thoughts or feelings that aren’t necessary our own. These negative emotions or thoughts will impact negatively in many areas of our life, keeping us in a lower state of frequency and often creating a cycle of less favourable experiences.

A reason for not crossing over could be fear of the unknown, the inability to let go of love ones or simple confusion.


Based on my personal healing experience over the last 7 years with many clients, I found that 9 out of 10 people have Spirit entities, who at the time of death did not choose to cross over and therefore became stuck on earth.

About 4 out of 10 people I experienced have attachments of a type of dark force entity which ( Demon, Alien or Reptilian, negative Spirit entities) These dark forces are sent to this planet to create pain, fear, misery and disempower people. They implant fear and steal your life force energy.

Interference clearing is available in person or remotely. We offer a FREE energy check of any disturbances in your Aura field.

For more information or to book a session please email me. Namaste!

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