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Remote healing with 'HEALY' Frequency Device

With the Healy Resonance you are able to help your friends and family who you can't be with. What a beautiful thing especially at the current time with COVID-19.

Healy is able to store all the information about the person far away and through quantum technology, Healy will anylise the body and even do a scan of your Aura. It than will display and send a full report of your Aura and will show a diagram with percentage of each chakra.

It will give you a general description of your result of each chakra including Life Topic and it's Physical connection.

The report will additional show you a Spiritual assessment and Affirmations for you to use.

A list of anything relevant to each chakra in Nature, like: Colours, Element, Planets, Plants, Stones and Remedies will be displays. 

aura photography
aura photography
aura photography

Healy can also scan your Body remotely and delivers an Optimazation list with suggestions of which program to use and which remedies. These specific programs and remedies suggested, can than be send remotely to the individual.

This here is an examples from a Healy Remote session I received from a friend.

optimization list
optimization list
desired state
optimisation list

This chart shows how important it is to have healthy cells. Healy will do exactly that! It will support with the communication and transmission of frequencies to each specific cell requesting a need of optimisations.

cell membrane voltage model

To book your remote Healy session please contact us 

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