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B-EPIC 'Live Life By Design, Not By Default

We’re passionate about B-EPIC being a world-class brand and business. We’re committed to staying on the cutting-edge to ensure our members have the best products and business opportunity for the long term.

  • USA-Based Company

  • Founded in November 2016

  • Done 10's of Millions in sales

  • Our top Brand Partners are making 6 and 7 figures per year

  • Sold over a million boxes of our products across the world

B-Epic+Overview+Presentation+cutting edge
B-Epic+Business overview

What could $500 more a month do?

A lot of good people are trapped in a financial tailspin:

  •   Debt & Overspending 

  •   No Savings or Emergency Fund

  •   Scarcity Mindset about Money

  •   No Financial Goals or Plan

  •   Stuck in an Underpaying Job

  •   No Time or Money for Education

  •   Need a Better Opportunity


The Secret To Wealth Creation

They maximize results by leveraging other people's time, effort, and resources. This allows them to gain more with less effort and less risk.

A B-EPIC business can help YOU create massive leverage – giving you financial independence and time freedom!


Cloud Based Business System

·  Professionally Designed Websites and Marketing Tools

·  Ecommerce Store connected to our Fulfillment Center

·  Online Business Management Dashboard / Back Office

·  In-House Customer Service and Online Support Ticket System

·  In-Demand Products made from Research-Based, Natural Ingredients

·  High-Paying Compensation Plan with Industry-Leading Bonus Program


Proven Turnkey Business Model

Our easy-to-follow business system is 100% cloud-based, so you have no inventory to worry about and don’t have to do any shipping or collecting payments.

Our products are great too and are backed by a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. They are ordered by customers online via your B-EPIC website link and shipped to them straight from our warehouse.

And you get paid online each week!


B-EPIC Products are Made to the Highest Standards

We are dedicated to developing the most advanced products on the market.

We source the most powerful, proven natural ingredients used in traditional medicines and holistic practices around the world for centuries and enhanced them through modern extract and supplementation technology.

B-Epic+Highest Standards
B-Epic+Highest Standards

B-EPIC Manufacturer is GMP and NSF Certified

3500 manufacturers in the USA; less than 30 have BOTH of these certifications = .0085%


7 Ways to Earn with B-EPIC

1.     1)  Customer Bonus

2.     2)  Fast Start Bonus

3.     3)  Two Team Pay

4.     4)  Sponsoring Matching Bonus

5.     5)  Generation Matching Bonus

6.     6)  Global Bonus Pool

7)  Monthly Lifestyle Bonus

B-Epic+7 Ways

Retail Customer Purchases

As a promoter you get paid 50% of the retail price on every customer order. Many of our Brand Partners make a good living by simply promoting to customers.

Customer Bonus: Earn 50% of the PV (or dollar amount) on all your Retail Customer purchases. (Also, 20% of the CV goes into the Two Team Pay.)

B-Epic Products
B-Epic+Product Drinks

Build Your Team

When you bring in a new Brand Partner, you’re paid 50% of their first order and qualify for a percentage of their organization’s volume as well. And as your business continues grow, so do your opportunities to make even more.

Fast Start Bonus: Earn 50% of the CV on the first order of every Brand Partner that you personally sponsor.

Two Team Pay: Earn up to 20% on the CV of your lesser-volume team every week. No cycles.

B-Epic+Business+Build your team

Matching Bonus Program

Sponsoring Matching Bonus:

Earn up to a 20% check match* on all your personally sponsored Brand Partners.

Generation Matching Bonus:

Earn a 10% check match* paid on up to four generations of Gold Qualified Brand Partners or higher rank in your organization.

*Match is based on the Two Team Pay only.


Monthly Lifestyle Bonus

Earn up to a $700 USD monthly bonus by purchasing a qualifying product pack (or higher) and sponsoring other Brand Partners who each do the same.

2 who get 2 = $100 monthly bonus 3 who get 3 = $300 monthly bonus 4 who get 4 = $500 monthly bonus 5 who get 5 = $700 monthly bonus


Follow These 3 Simple Steps

Step #1: Get started by purchasing a qualifying pack.

Step #2: Share with 2-5 people who desire better health and are ready to control their financial future. The goal is to complete this step in your first two weeks.

Step #3: Teach your partners to also complete Steps 1 and 2.

It’s really that simple! And powerful...

B-Epic+3 Simple Steps

Start Making Money Right Away

Complete those three simple steps, and you'll be in profit your first month!

As your team completes these same steps, your income in Month 6 could be well over $10,000 per month.

This system is 100% tested and proven. And people just like you are having these kinds of results.

Now it’s YOUR turn!

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