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About Me


I am a spiritual, down to Earth and positive being. Many years of study, researches and life experiences, have made me the person who I am today.

Compassionate, driven, balanced and with a purpose to help human kind, animals and nature.

I try to find the positive in every negative and the benefit that will come from it. 

I believe that there is no coincident and everything happened for a reason.

We are here to learn and to heal our-self!

With an open mind, kindness, non-judgement, compassion and acceptance, I am here to help YOU to feel better, to heal yourself and to guide you to find happiness & balance within yourself!

Andrea Lavell in the secret town - South America

The Dshungle

Peru - Amazone

Experience with Ayahuasca

In 2017 I went to Peru into the Amazon's to experience in guidance with male and female Shipibo Healers, the Ayahuasca Medicine. 

The aim was to awaken my full potential to expand my consciousness and to heal my body, mind and spirit.

I went in there with no expectations and came back with more than I imagined.

This journey has helped me to let go of control & fear, and opened up my mind to self-love. My awareness level ever since is rising and so my higher consciousness.

I am grateful for this amazing experience and to be able to acknowledge and perceive our learning lessons in such a different way, that I can now help others who struggling with challenges in life. Namaste

Flower Bath 

Preparing the Ayahuaska Medicine

Preparing the Ayahuasca Medicine
Flower bath at Nimea Kaya

The Amazon's

My Qualifications

  • Certificate IV in Counselling and Communication

  • Certificate in Pranic healing

  • Certificate in NLP

  • Certificate in Feng Shui

  • Diploma in Angel healing

  • Diploma in Crystal healing

  • Certificate in Chakra balance and Aura healing

  • The Dermatini Method

  • Qualified Massage Therapist - Swedish Therapeutic Massage


With kindness & appreciation I like to help you!

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